When I make a guitar for you, I want you to realize that I treat each and every one as if I am making it for myself. I would not feel right, letting anyone play something I would not be thrilled to hit the stage with. The time, energy, experience, and passion that goes into each instrument is something you will feel. I want your experience with your Warren guitar to be as inspirational as it is to me.

It is for that reason I take quite a bit of time to address details that I feel are crucial in making an instrument feel like you have owned it for years. For example: My rounded fret board edges are quite unique in how they are accomplished and as a result, offer a feel that is inspiring to say the least. There are many areas where taking the extra time to add that personal touch makes a big difference. I first noticed this when people would write to me and ask “How is it that the feel and dynamic responsiveness to my playing is like something you would expect from an older vintage guitar?”

Why are Warren Guitars sold only directly to you...the player?

In order for me to make an instrument that offers this level of tonal complexity, feel and attention to detail, would require build costs that would never allow me to be in a retail store, as it would leave me no profit to continue my efforts.

It is for this reason that Warren Guitars are sold directly to the musician. YOU.

A guitar should feel comfortable, familiar, like an extension of you. When you feel that connection with an instrument, it feels natural to express yourself openly allowing you to reach your full potential. Once you become familiar with your own Warren model and its wide variety of tones, you’ll come to rely on it like a true friend.

We invite you to hold a Warren guitar, feel the instant familiarity of a worn in neck, hear the myriad of rich complex tonal textures and see the quality of its craftsmanship. That’s when you’ll realize why we won't let a guitar leave our hands, until it’s ready for yours.

What is the average Turn Around Time?

First...let me explain that I need to ensure after completion, that your guitar feels and sounds as great as my own personal guitars. I do NOT want you to have anything less. For that reason, One can expect a turnaround of approximately 4-6 months for a custom Warren Guitar. There are several factors that effect turnaround time so this is only an estimate. The time could be shorter or longer depending on the back log of custom builds or in the case of the finishing portion of the build, the weather. Please note that I understand all too well about not wanting to wait, but I promise you that once you feel and hear your Warren Guitar, you will understand why it was worth it.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes we do. Warren Guitars Warranty