About Warren Guitars

It's really simple. All I've ever wanted to do is create a guitar that would let me do a studio session or gig with the best tone possible. After years of owning countless guitars, I knew there was something missing but could not quite put my finger on it.

Many years and countless hours of experimentation allowed me to take all I had learned from working with some of the best pickup makers, wood suppliers and guitar makers in the world to bring what I truly believe to be an incredibly inspiring instrument.

What did I learn?

I learned that in order to make an instrument of this tonal complexity and feel would require build costs that would never allow me to be in a retail store, as it would leave me no profit to continue my efforts.

It is for this reason that Warren Guitars are sold directly to the musician. YOU.

A guitar should feel comfortable, familiar, like an extension of you. When you feel that connection with an instrument, it feels natural to express yourself openly allowing you to reach your full potential. Once you become familiar with your own Warren model and its wide variety of tones, you’ll come to rely on it like a true friend.

We invite you to hold a Warren guitar, feel the instant familiarity of a worn in neck, hear the myriad of rich complex tonal textures and see the quality of its craftsmanship. That’s when you’ll realize why we won't let a guitar leave our hands, until it’s ready for yours.

Real Players, Real Reviews

Jason L.

Yes I have fount it. After playing for more than 20 years, I have found the Excaliber of guitars. I've had the Strats, Teles, Les Pauls and the PRS. They are all very nice guitars. But this guitar captures the tonal qualities and very essence of them all, and that is only the beginning.

Mike M.

Yes I have fount it. After playing for more I have never played a Fender (even Custom Shop designs), G7L, Carvin, Tom Anderson, or Brian Moore strat that even come close to sounding this good. What more can I say? This thing is simply amazing.

Fred J. (retired instructor)

Don Warren has a magnificent obsession... to make the best sounding, most versatile, most playable electric guitar on the planet. I think he's succeeded.